Cost For Assisted Living Facilities

Cost for assisted living is a rough calculation that usually includes three components. The assistance provided to an elder, the cost of the facility to provide him or her with the assistance, and the actual costs of living in the assisted living facility. Assisted living centers provide a temporary living solution for elderly adults who can no longer live on their own but don’t need the intensive nursing and medical care provided in skilled nursing homes. A person can choose between inpatient and outpatient services, depending upon his or her needs.

The median cost for assisted living facilities is determined by the location of the facility and the number of bedrooms and suites available. Cost for assisted living is figured by taking the annual cost of a stay at a nursing home plus the costs for daily meals and support services such as housekeeping and laundry. Some assisted living facilities charge extra for rooms that are vacant for a period of time. These costs are not factored into the median cost for assisted living. The location of the assisted living facility also affects the cost for assisted living.

Some facilities are equipped to provide twenty-four hour on-site care for seniors. Other facilities are staffed with specially trained staff members who are able to provide the specific type of care required by each senior citizen. Some seniors may require more extensive services such as physical therapy or diet counseling. This could add an extra cost to the monthly rate. Some assisted living communities are somewhat limited in their on-site care options.

Assisted living costs are determined by the level of care each senior citizen requires. Some seniors may only require assistance with bathing, dressing, eating and using the restroom. These are the lowest level of assisted living costs. A skilled aide may be on hand daily to assist with these activities. Other seniors may require several aides to assist with these tasks. The cost for each level of care depends on the total number of residents in the facility as well as the level of service the facility can provide.

Medicare Part B covers some of the cost for assisted living homes. Certain facilities have been approved by the Federal Medicaid system to accept Medicaid payments for the costs of assisted living. Medicare Part D covers some of the cost of medications and certain medical devices. Certain seniors qualify for supplemental security income (SSI) based on their income and disability.

There are several types of care homes. Long term care homes provide more skilled care and a more secure environment for seniors. These facilities may also offer specialized services such as adult day care, respite care, housekeeping and other services that benefit the senior in question. Assisted living centers provide more on the care side of things and more services to the residents.

There are communities that focus on seniors with Alzheimer’s and similar diseases or those with developmental disabilities. The goal is to improve the quality of life for all residents while reducing the costs associated with such individuals. Some of these communities have several assisted living apartments or a nursing home attached. The cost for assisted living in one of these communities is included in the monthly expense of the residents. Other communities have homes scattered around town and have a small community of roughly thirty-five to fifty residents. One drawback of a this type of community is that the seniors cannot live alone.

Depending on what services are offered by your local area, the cost for assisted living may be something to consider when choosing a community for your loved one. You may need to look at the cost for housekeeping as well. Many assisted living facilities do offer housekeeping. This will be done on a part time basis and the cost may not be included in your monthly budget. As long as the facility has a few housekeeping professionals on staff, you can expect to be in a position to get the care your loved one needs.

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