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Why is it so hard for families to find a home for senior care?  Most families struggle to locate the right home for their loved one(s).  Our mission is to make finding a home easy.  We use modern web technology to connect families with assisted living facility options that match their needs!

Understanding the Problem

On average, it takes someone anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to find a senior care living facility.  We believe you should be able to use a better search engine and search filters to find a facility much quicker!

We’ve fixed this!  You can now easily and quickly find a senior care community using any type of device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone).  Find the answers you are looking for with Kare Kollective.

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Our search engine provides options on all available senior care facilities across the United States. We gather as much necessary information as possible for each location. This includes: name, description, photos, features & amenities, pricing, and contact info.

When the right options are in front of you, you’re in control! Then you get to decide which facilities to contact and which tours to schedule without wasting your time on the wrong calls & tours.

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Our Site Is FREE for families! So How Do We Make Money?Our site is free for families. We only charge facilities a small fee to help market their locations and bring awareness to all the great things they are doing at their facility. We then work with them to update locations with the most accurate information for family members.

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